Introducing CipherShed

After all the recent activity around TrueCrypt and it’s disappearance from the web, there has been a lot of speculation on why this happened, but more importantly – what’s will replace it. The community responded by trying salvage TrueCrypt. Thomas Bruderer and Jos Doekbrijder started, with the purpose to “organize a future” for TrueCrypt. That site allows users to download older “safe” versions of TrueCrypt (up to 7.1a). As an added initiative, the founders started also launched the pure-privacy association, to provide a legal framework for the handling of open-source project development with regards to privacy area.

The first project pure-privacy supports is the rescue of TrueCrypt®. This project started it all. After the developers announced publicly that they had abandoned the project Jos Doekbrijder proposed rescuing the functionality and together with Thomas Bruderer started the TCnext page and in early June 2014 founded the pure-privacy association to have a legal framework that could handle larger scale open-source project development, coordination, marketing as well as fundraising/donations to cover legal and quality assurance (=audit) issues.

Introducing CipherShed!!

The result of all this is now the creation of a forked version of TrueCrypt 7.1a that is being normalizaed, licensed and rebranded under the name “CipherShed“.

More information about the TrueCrypt revival can be found by following the @TrueCryptNext Twitter feed and by checking the website