PuttyQ.com v4

Puttyq (this blog) has been a personal place to share ideas, capture workings and vent frustrations for almost 12 years, and after a long silence I have decided to bring it back to life. In 2015 i went through a change of roles and focus when I took on the challenge of becoming the security solutions architecture for a large global petrochemical company. During this same period I also joined Integralis as a Technical Director and Microsoft started to move away from a dedicated MVP award area for IDM to a general one that included Azure Active Directory, EMS and other Microsoft identity related technologies. All this removed a lot of focus from my community involvement and as a result, Puttyq was mothballed.

Today, I change that. Puttyq.com lives again (probability version 4 by now). I will still be posting every now and then, but I will also include other topics of interest which has appeared on my radar the past 3 years. I look forward to the opportunity to capture my thoughts and learning in this way, and if that helps someone else out there then we both win.

Thx for the kick NB (http://blankmanblog.com/)